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The Rise of the Digital Technocracy

Poster for the Rise of the Digital Technocracy conference.The primary problem to be addressed during the conference concerns an attempt to critically identify and account for the connections between two emerging contemporary themes which need to be better understood as a matter of urgency. The first of these is the elite public-private ‘superclass’ which is connected and unified through an array of transnational institutions. This group is in now possession of unprecedentedly vast economic resources and, which follows, social, political and economic influence both within the U.S. and at the global scale.

Secondly, the conference will aim to develop a fuller (theoretical and empirical) account than has yet been offered of the potential rise of a system called technocracy; a baseline, working conception of this is of a programme for post-democratic governance and population management steered not by elected, professional politicians but by ‘disinterested’ experts such as scientists and engineers – to be driven at the practical level by an increasingly sophisticated and powerful surveillance-and-control oriented digital communications infrastructure.

We aim, in addition, to use the conference as a basis for the development of a community of researchers and scholars committed to raising the level of public awareness of these increasingly pressing trends.

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The Rise of the Digital Technocracy: regulamin
The Rise of the Digital Technocracy: rules and regulations